We understand that there are several different types of product and handling specifications for materials in the industrial industry, that’s why we’re proud to share our extensive product offerings with you. Our durable and reliable equipment lines allow us to excel at moving whatever material you have at whatever capacity you require. Check out our product offerings below to find the best fit for you.

Bucket Elevators

U Series

Our U Series Elevators are especially designed to handle abrasive materials as they are more durable than other elevators. Our single leg design and heavier gauge construction make these elevators ideal for handling hostile materials such as rubber, glass, sand, or other harsh products. We also offer other options and accessories that allow us to handle these industrial materials the best, such as chain in place of belting.

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Top Take-up U Series

Our Top Take-up U Series Elevators are designed to handle fine, and possibly abrasive, materials. This design allows for a curved bottom boot to reduce product build up and offers a better seal with the take-up system in the head casing rather than the boot.

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UniVey® Belt Conveyors

Idler Bed Conveyor

Our Idler Bed Conveyors offer deep troughs and heavier construction that allow us to easily handle bulk and abrasive products at higher capacities, even in tight spaces. Our industrial strength drives, as well as our high quality options, such as stainless steel construction, allow our durable conveyors to achieve long run times and optimum performance. 

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Slider Bed Conveyor

We offer industrial strength lining options for our Slider Bed Conveyors, making them an ideal solution for shorter spans when space is a concern. Our heavier construction and various options and accessories allow our Slider Bed Conveyors to handle harsh materials with ease.

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