We understand that there are several different types of product and handling specifications for materials in the agricultural industry, that’s why we’re proud to share our extensive product offerings with you. Our various handling equipment lines allow us to excel at moving whatever product you have at whatever capacity you require. Check out our product offerings below to find the best fit for you.


Bucket Elevators

Alpha Series

Our Twin Trunk Alpha Series Elevators are best known for their EASY DUMP® Gentle Handling, perfect for handling delicate product that is susceptible to impact damage such as seed, nuts, or pulse products.

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G Series

Our G Series Elevators are ideal for handling peanuts in the shell and other lightweight materials, such as fuzzy cotton seed.

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P Series

Our P Series Elevators are our most gentle elevators, ideal for handling products that require delicate handling, such as edible beans or soybeans. Our elevator head design allows for product to slide out of our buckets using a max chain speed of 90 feet/minute. 

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SC Series

When your processes require impeccable sanitation, look no further than the SC Elevator. Our SC Elevator offers total clean-out and inspection possibilities with its front panels that can be quickly opened in order to remove the belt for thorough cleaning purposes. These elevators are great for all kinds of processing plants, such as food or other bulk solids.

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UniVey® Belt Conveyors

Slider Bed Conveyors

When you’re looking for a cost effective conveyor to move product that requires gentle handling, our Slider Bed Conveyors will exceed all of your specifications.

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Idler Bed Conveyors

Our Idler Bed Conveyors are perfect for handling bulk products across long distances, including products that require low speeds and gentle handling or other products that require high speeds and capacities.

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DAKOSA® Continuous Cup Elevator

Our DAKOSA® Elevators are ideal for handling product that requires virtually zero product damage, such as pulse products or seed. Our DAKOSA® also offers field installable intermediate discharges and multiple configurations, making it the perfect solution for your handling needs.

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