Round Bottom Conveyor

Capacity Range:

  • 2,057 ft3/hr - 8,360 ft3/hr
  • 58.25 m3/hr - 236.73 m3/hr

Available Widths:

  • 12" (304.8mm)
  • 18" (457.2mm)
  • 24" (609.6mm)

Belt Speeds FPM: 28 - 282 (0.14 - 1.43 m/s)

Head Pulley: 6" (152.4mm) Dia. w/ Vulcanized Rubber Lagging

Tail Pulley: 6" (152.4mm) Dia. Drum Pulley

Trough Construction: 12 Ga. Formed

Construction: Powder Coated Carbon or Stainless Steel Available

Optional Accessories:

  • Discharge Housing: Captures material at the head of the conveyor and directs it to a square flange so that it can be easily transitioned to the next process
  • Weather Covers: Top and bottom covers are available to keep material in and the worst of the elements out
  • Inlet Hopper: Square flanged inlet for easy feeding of the conveyor
  • UHMW Lining: UHMW wear liner is a replaceable low resistance liner in the troughing and transitions that can add years of life to the unit in high wear applications
  • Belt Alignment Sensors: Can be wired into the plant control system to give an early warning if a belt is no longer tracked correctly
  • Hinged Bottom Covers: Gives the option of letting the bottom cover swing open instead of dropping the whole cover for clean out
  • Extended Take-up: Used on longer units to give extra take-up so that belts do not need to be re-laced as they stretch
  • Continuous Skirting: Replaceable rubber strips that contact the belt along the length of the conveyor to assist in containing the product

No Internal Ledges for Product to Build Up On

Ability to be Totally Enclosed

Easily Accessible Inspection Doors in the Head and Tail


Designed with Safety in Mind, All Rotating Components Come Guarded as a Standard

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