We offer a variety of belt speeds, belt widths, and trough depths for our Slider Bed Conveyors. Read through our different conveyor models below to find the right one for you!

MPC Conveyor

MPC Belt Conveyor                         Belt Angle of MPC Conveyor

The MPC Conveyor is a cost effective, low capacity conveyor that is ideal when space limitations are a concern.


MPK Conveyor

MPK Belt Conveyor                                     

The MPK Conveyor's compact design requires minimum space, providing efficient conveying for lower capacity applications. The MPK handles a variety of materials effortlessly.


MPKUT Conveyor

MPKUT Belt Conveyor                                MPKUT Belt Angle

The MPKUT's deeper trough and belt side skirts allow more material to be moved while reducing leakage and still handling the product gently.


Hopper Bottom Conveyor

Hopper Bottom Belt Conveyor                                            Hopper Bottom Conveyor Belt Angle

The Hopper Bottom Conveyor was specifically designed to gently move seed efficiently without cross contamination. The low profile, U-trough design maximizes belt fill, enabling it to move higher capacities of seed from under smooth wall bins.


Round Bottom Conveyor

Round Bottom Conveyor                               Round Bottom Conveyor Belt Angle

Our Round Bottom Conveyor was engineered with durable construction to transfer bulk materials at high capacities while preventing leakage.


Cleated Trough Conveyor

Cleated Trough Conveyor

For applications that require an incline, the Cleated Trough Conveyor can incline up to 40° while moving product effortlessly.