Tri Roll Conveyor

Capacity Range @ 500 FPM:

  • 6,000 ft³/hr - 31,800 ft³/hr
  • 169.9 m³/hr - 900.5 m³/hr

Available Widths:

  • 18" (457.2mm)
  • 24" (609.6mm)
  • 30" (762mm)
  • 36" (914.4mm)

Belt Speeds FPM: 100 - 500 FPM (0.51 - 2.54 m/s)

Head Pulley: 16" (406.4mm) Dia. with 3/8" (9.5mm) Herringbone Lagging

Tail Pulley: 10" (254mm) Dia. Self Cleaning Wing Pulley

Idlers: 4" (101.6mm) or 5" (127mm) Dia. 35 Degree CEMA-B

Construction: Powder Coated Carbon Steel

Optional Accessories: 

  • Discharge Housing: Captures material at the head of the conveyor and directs it to a square flange so that it can be easily transitioned to the next process
  • Inlet Hopper: Square flanged inlet for easy feeding of the conveyor
  • Top Weather Covers: Top covers are available to keep rain off of the product
  • Catwalks for One or Both Sides: Catwalks built into the frame of the conveyor are available for one or both sides of the unit


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