We offer a variety of belt speeds, belt widths, and trough depths for our Idler Bed Conveyors. Read through our different conveyor models below to find the right one for you!


Pan Idler Conveyor

Pan Idler Conveyor                                    Pan Idler Conveyor Belt Angle

The Pan Idler Conveyor is the ideal choice for handling all types of bulk materials, including small free flowing materials such as seed or grain, as well as larger products such as ear corn. The hybrid roller/slider design of the Pan Idler Conveyor, with formed-in skirting, allows for longer lengths while still providing a sealed belt edge.

Dual Roll Conveyor

Dual Roll Conveyor                      Dual Roll Conveyor Belt Angle

The Dual Roll Conveyor was designed to be compact for smaller spaces while still hitting high capacities for applications that require long lengths.


Tri Roll Conveyor

Tri Roll Conveyor                                       Tri Roll Idlers

When durability and high capacities are a requirement, look no further than our Tri Roll Conveyor. Built with toughness in mind, our Tri Roll can hit capacities as high as 31,800 ft³/hr while still maintaining a reduced footprint.