When it comes to belt conveyors, Universal’s record of research and performance can’t be matched. When you are interested in moving materials of any kind, you will find a UniVey® Belt Conveyor model to match your requirements. Sort through our product lines below to find the belt conveyor that best suits your needs!

UniVey Dual Roll

Slider Bed Conveyors

Our Slider Bed Conveyors are ideal for handling products that require gentle handling, such as seed or other bulk materials, food products, or chemicals/powders. Our wide variety of Slider Bed Conveyors reach a broad range of capacities and have various characteristics that make each conveyor’s design uniquely perfect for handling specific bulk products.

Idler Bed Conveyors

Our Idler Bed Conveyors are perfect for handling bulk products across long distances and can handle a variety of products, no matter if they require low belt speeds and gentle handling, or high belt speeds and increased capacities.