Our E Elevator is available in three different speeds, offering three different maximum capacities. While we offer our EASY DUMP® handling on the E, please note that the EASY DUMP® is only available on the E-1300ED. Should you require a higher capacity with the EASY DUMP® handling, please consider one of our other Alpha Series elevators, or contact our Sales staff who can help you find the right elevator for you.

E Specifications:

Buckets: 11" X 5-1/2" (279.4mm X 139.7mm) HDPE, Optional Carbon Steel Available

Bucket Spacing: 6" (152.4mm) Center Spacing

Head Pulley: 12" (304.8mm) Dia. w/ Vulcanized Rubber Lagging

Boot Pulley:  12" (304.8mm) Dia. Self-Cleaning Wing Pulley



  • 1,300 BPH
  • 1,625 ft3/hr
  • 46 m3/hr

Belt Speed FPM: 179 (0.91m/s)

Head Shaft RPM: 57



  • 3,500 BPH
  • 4,375 ft3/hr
  • 124 m3/hr

Belt Speed FPM: 374 (1.90m/s)

Head Shaft RPM: 119



  • 4,500 BPH
  • 5,625 ft3/hr
  • 159 m3/hr

Belt Speed FPM: 487 (2.47m/s)

Head Shaft RPM: 155


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