When it comes to bucket elevators, Universal's record of research and performance can't be matched. When you are interested in moving materials of any kind, you will find a Universal bucket elevator model to match your requirements. Sort through out product lines below to find the elevator that best suits your needs!

Alpha Series

Our Alpha Series elevators consist of a twin trunk casing that is designed to be dust tight and free from ledges for product to accumulate on. Each Alpha Series model offers an EASY DUMP® capacity rating that utilizes gravity discharge techniques to reduce mechanical damage. EASY DUMP® elevators are known best for moving easily fluidized, friable, and/or abrasive materials.

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U Series

U Series bucket elevators utilize a single trunk casing and are built with thicker steel to handle corrosive, abrasive and hostile materials. When the elevator experiences extreme temperatures and/or additional harsh material characteristics, Universal Industries, Inc.® offers chain instead of belt for various U Series Elevators.

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Top Take-up U Series

Our Top Take-up U Series elevators are constructed with the take-up system in the head casing rather than the boot. This design allows for a curved bottom boot to reduce product build up and offers a better seal for fine and dusty materials.

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G Series

Our G Series elevators are twin trunk casing, centrifugal discharge elevators. Their head contour, pulley diameter, bucket size, and belt speed have been carefully selected to maximize capacity and minimize mechanical damage during the discharge when moving peanuts in the shell and other lightweight materials. This elevator design follows the guidelines of the American Peanut Sheller’s Association, Inc. and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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P Series

Our P Series elevators excel at moving materials that require delicate handling. The buckets in the P Series models are fastened between two strands of chain in a single trunk casing, and the elevator chain runs at a significantly slower speed in order to utilize free gravity discharge techniques. As the bucket and the chain go over the head sprocket, material pours out of the bucket into a discharge below, making it ideal for delicate materials.

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SC Series

Our SC elevator is ideal for processing plants for food and other bulk solids and for processes that require impeccable sanitation and inspection. Offering total clean-out and inspection capabilities, the front side panels open quickly for inspection and for cleaning inside the casing, as well as belt removal.

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UniMAX™ Series

Our UniMAX™ bucket elevators are centrifugal discharge elevators engineered to meet the most strict industry standards. The elevator head, boot, and intermediate sections have been designed with adequate space for buckets and belt to travel un-impeded throughout the system. Bucket spacing and belt speeds follow recommendations and standards set forth by industry leaders. UniMAX™ bucket elevators are designed with cleanliness in mind by eliminating shelves for material to build up in the head, inspection doors, vents, access and boot section. The casings were also designed for afterthought installation of hazardous monitoring equipment to eliminate cutting and grinding on newly purchased elevators.

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