Universal Industries, Inc.® specializes in manufacturing bulk material handling equipment, including: Bucket Elevators, UniVey® Belt Conveyors, DAKOSA® Continuous Cup Elevators, and the UniRake®. Our engineers work diligently on creating new products and updating current products in order to best meet our customer's needs. Our different product lines each offer a wide variety of selections that make them versatile and capable of handling many different materials at various capacities as a way to meet our customers’ requirements.

Elevator Installations

Bucket Elevators

Whether you’re handling Seed, Sand, Peanuts in the Shell, or Popcorn, you’ll find an elevator the fits your capacities and your product handling requirements. 

UniVey® Belt Conveyors

Our UniVey® belt conveyors are perfect for handling a wide variety of materials with our selection of idler and slider bed conveyors. 

DAKOSA® Continuous Cup Elevator

The DAKOSA® offers virtually zero product damage, making it an ideal solution for products requiring gentle handling such as seed or edible beans. 


The UniRake® is a dirt rake that features replaceable teeth and is perfect for landscaping, construction, and various dirt track maintenance.