May 4, 2018

During harvest, downtime is expensive. Our bucket elevator casings were designed with provisions for hazardous monitoring equipment that keeps your operations running smoothly, helping you avoid costly production delays. Universal Bucket Elevators are designed for easy sensor installation in order for the devices to wan you before anything in your elevator jams, breaks or wears.


Rub Block/Touch Switch SensorRub Block Icon

  • Removable panel for easy install
  • Finished internal edges
  • Located at all critical boot and head locations   




Bearing Temperature SensorTemperature Sensor Icon

  • Easy install knock-out
  • Clean, non-hazardous install
  • Hot Permit not necessary




Under Speed SwitchSpeed Switch Icon

  • Easy install knock-out
  • Completely guarded


For more information about out Sensor options for or Elevators and Belt Conveyors, give us a call!

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